March 10, 2008


Well, we saw and heard her today! She is so stinkin cute! I mean, I know its just an ultrasound and I am alittle bias but come on - you can see alot in those things! She looks great in Black and White.

Our precious little birthmom is so cute too. We had a couple of "false labors" this weekend. It first started on Friday afternoon with contractions and a trip to Labor and Delivery. After spending a couple of hours in the hospital, they sent her home. Then, on Sunday, she thought her water broke but after another trip to the hospital, they assured her it was nothing but told her to come back if she felt anything else. She is only 31 weeks along so we want this precious baby girl to stay in her tummy for atleast 4 more weeks.

When we saw her today, she was completely stretched out and relaxed. I think she was even sleeping. Her lips were puckered as if she were blowing kisses. Again, it was too cute!

We remain guarded but so excited. Our birthmom asked if I felt this little girl was mine and I said "Of course!" I do mean that but I don't want to seem desperate, you know? I do feel like she is mine and I have seen excitement in Craig like I did when we were headed to Ukraine to get Molly. So, I am trusting that God has prepared our hearts for what is to come. We continue to pray for His will to be done, not ours.

Molly has picked out some names of our little one....

Savannah Grace
Elizabeth Jane (to be called Lizzie Jane)
Madeline Grace
Jenny Lynn (after my mom's sister that was killed at age 17)
Ariel - Molly's favorite though I am not too fond of it :) I think she had just watched "The Little Mermaid"
Emma - I know WAY too many Emmas but Molly likes it - don't think it will happen
Lauren Elizabeth

I think that is it for now. Molly's longtime favorite name is Katrina Frosting Hair Done - not sure where she came up with it but that is the name of most of her dolls.

Anyway, Mom told me to come up with a list of names and when we meet her for the first time, we will know what to call her. So, I am trusting that advice!

I will keep you updated as much as possible. We have a doctor's appointment next week but I may be out of town. I'm sure we won't know much but you can be certain that I will be hightailing it back to Texas if she goes into labor next week. Let's just pray that baby girl stays right where she is until its time to come out. Pray, pray, pray!

Blessings to you all,

B, C, M, and soon to be baby girl