March 15, 2008

Headed to the Beach!

Well, we are almost packed and ready to head out in the morning for Gulf Shores! We are so excited and think the break will keep us sane. I can't believe we have only 6 weeks before the arrival of our little one.

I had a dream last night that she arrived and I was not prepared at all. Molly and I frantically searched for a car seat for the little one and could only come up with one that was way too big. It was funny but we quickly made our way to Target to get a pretty pink one. It was the wildest dream and the baby was soooo small. I guess I am having dreams like a pregnant mom would right before the birth of their child. Who knows - but you should hear some of my dreams.

Its beautiful here today in Texas. It was 95 degrees yesterday and it felt like summer. We are anxious to get near some saltwater and soft sand for a week. Molly is really looking forward to seeing her Pop and Mia. She told us last night that it sure is more fun seeing them than just talking to them on the phone. She packed her suitcase early this morning and is waiting ever so patiently (ha ha) for tomorrow morning. I hope and pray that Pop and Mia are ready for us to take over the condo with our bag full of Barbies and babydolls.

Nothing new on the adoption front. We are just waiting patiently. We view the ultrasound pics quite often. We seem more like bragging grandparents showing them to everyone we know! Its funny to see people's faces when they try to determine how to actually read the ultrasound pics.

Well, I hope that each of you have a wonderful and blessed Easter. May we all remember what was done for us on that day many years ago. Hallelujah that He is Risen!