May 31, 2008

Smiles, Coos and 8 pounds!!!!

Madeline is really growing! We weighed her this week and she has grown to be 8 pounds. I still think its all in her chins - yes, that is plural. She is still so tiny and people continue to make comments about her size. She is just precious!

This week was a milestone - she began to talk to us. Well, maybe not us but the ladybugs on her changing table cover. She loves them and always has lots to say to them when her diaper is being changed. Its so funny to hear her and we've tried to really capture it on video. It sounds like she is saying "hi." She also likes the monkey, bird, and frog on her swing's mobile - she could stare at them forever!

She has also started smiling at us and I've even heard her giggle a couple of times in her sleep. Its so stinkin cute!

Madeline loves Molly! She can be upset and Molly will start talking and she quiets down - its so precious. Molly is doing so much better as a big sister. I think in the beginning she thought she was being replaced but now she is pretty certain that she is staying.

Summer has officially begun at our house! With the temperatures in the high 90's, it almost feels like August! I can't believe its so hot, so soon. But, we are scheduled to go to the beach to see my dad in late June and can't wait!

Happy Summer!
The Hills

May 22, 2008

I'm going to be an Aunt!

Here is Baby Robinson! My brother and his wife, Cristi, are expecting a baby due December 7th!!!! I AM SO EXCITED! Cristi has been on bed rest and will go back to work tomorrow, but keep her and this precious baby in your prayers!!!!

May 19, 2008

Adoption Day - May 19, 2008

Today was the most wonderful day! We got to the courthouse around 1 PM to meet Jana, our attorney. She instructed us as to what would happen in court and we were alittle nervous (okay, maybe it was just me)!

We were there to terminate rights of Madeline's biological parents and then to adopt her as well as change her name. We also made the decision to re-adopt Molly and give her a Texas birth certificate. This helps in the future if her Ukrainian birth certificate ever gets misplaced. Like that would EVER happen in the Hill house!?!

The judge was awesome! She asked Molly, Craig and I to raise our right hand and she swore us in. I felt so official or like I was on TV! She asked Molly if she really wanted to be a big sister and was she up to the responsibility. Molly quickly told her that she wanted to become a big sister today! The judge told her that because she came to court and asked to be a big sister, that she would grant this adoption! It was precious. She then asked us to come behind the bench for pictures. She showed Molly all her pins on her robe and told her she would call her in a couple of years to check on her. Then it was done!!! I could breathe!

I couldn't help but grieve for B today. I got to talk to her this morning. She and M (her boyfriend) were in a horrible car accident on Friday. She broke a couple of ribs and can't do much. Please pray for her!!!!! My heart still breaks for her. I am forever grateful to her for giving me this precious life to love and care for!!! She has helped fulfill a desire of mine since I was very young. May God bless her for a courageous and selfless act!!!!!

Happy Adoption Day Molly and Madeline!!!!!

Adoption Day!!!!!!!

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May 11, 2008

A Precious Mother's Day!

I never in a million years would have thought that I would be celebrating Mother's Day with two precious girls! I can remember in the summer of 2001 being told that we would not be able to have children. I can recall sitting on the floor in my pink "princess" pajamas and crying. I remember Craig saying "We will get through this." But, in my hardness and bitterness, I did not want to believe him. I struggled with the words but assured him that I would be okay. After years of trying to bear a child, I had no clue the joy that these two little ones 7 years later would bring to my life!

In 2004, our lives changed with the adoption of Molly from Ukraine. Before adopting her, to be honest, I had no idea where Ukraine was on a world map! I knew it was close to Russia and that is about it. Now, Ukraine is very special and dear to my heart and I left a piece of me there when we departed on September 11, 2004. Molly is one special child and she is identical to me, drama and all! We are peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly! We are the best of friends and I love being her Mommy!!!!

Then, came Madeline. I remember saying over and over to numerous people - "I don't have to have a newborn, I am really done with diapers, formula, potty training, and such." Little did I know that God had something very different in mind for our lives. Little Madeline was due today - MOTHER'S DAY! But, she chose to come 5 weeks early and surprise us ALL!!! Even though things are not set in stone and the adoption is not final, she is mine. I love her as if I birthed her. I know what she likes and what she doesn't like. I know how she wants to be held and that she would prefer her feet and arms out rather than covered. I know that she is hot natured and that she loves to sit up versus being on her back. I know that she prefers a certain bottle over another and she LOVES her big sister. There is a part of me that wants to remain guarded until all is signed and final. But, no matter what happens, she will always be my daughter.

A wise woman (Jane Mills) once told me that "mother" is a verb not a noun. That was such a comforting thought. Adoption is so wonderful! Even though these girls were not conceived in my tummy, they were conceived in my heart. I am forever grateful to their "Life Mommies!" They chose to give life to these girls so that I could love and care for them as if I gave birth to them myself. I am thankful for the lives that I hold so dear to my heart - Molly and Madeline - I will ALWAYS LOVE BOTH OF YOU!!!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you. Some of you do not have children of your own but you are still mothers in some way. There are so many children out there that need women to care and love them in a motherly way. May you be encouraged to seek those out that need that type of love this Mother's Day! Maybe it is someone that has lost their mother. Maybe it is someone that has an absent mother due to circumstances beyond their control. Or, maybe it is someone that needs a Godly influence in their lives because they did not grow up in a Christian home. Whatever the situation, consider being a mother in some way.

On a different note, I am headed to a very special celebration of a mother that lost her life to cancer on Thursday. What a day to celebrate her life and the impact that she has made on her children as well as so many of us that knew her. Please keep the Morris and Ganaway families in your prayers as they say goodbye to their precious wife, mother, daughter and friend, Cherie Morris.

May God bless all of you!

May 6, 2008

In the home stretch...

Well, its almost a over. The waiting has been so hard. We had to wait 30 days to file a petition to terminate paternity rights. Well, Thursday marks the end of the 30 days. It will take a couple of days for the court to get back to us on our filing. So, we are hoping to go to court next week.

I spoke with B's grandmother today. Apparently, R has been calling asking about "his daughter." Because he is in jail, he has to call collect so the grandmother has not been accepting the charges. So, we will wait and see what happens.

I am nervous but there is nothing I can do so why worry. I am so thankful that I believe in a Sovereign God. I know that He is in control. I may not feel it all the time but I can find comfort in knowing that He has my best at heart. I stared at this precious angel while I fed her a few minutes ago and I grieve just thinking I could lose her. I don't feel like we have anything to worry about but there is that little reservation! Again, we serve a BIG GOD and He is in control!!!!

Madeline is doing great. She is growing so much and changing so much, so fast. We are now officially in "newborn" clothing and diapers!!!! No more preemie stuff. I can't believe that she is 4 weeks today. It seems like yesterday that she was born. But, then again, it feels like she has been in our lives forever.

I love this child! I love her as if I gave birth to her. Everytime I hold her, I am so thankful to B for her gift to us. I miss B so much and pray that she is okay. I sent her a package the other day and she received it yesterday. Her grandmother said she was excited to receive it and even cried. Oh, my heart still breaks for her broken heart. I really love that girl!!!

Molly is doing well. She loves being a big sister. She is such a big helper and I am so thankful to have her in my life. You should really hear her play. She has quite the imagination and I love listening to her on a daily basis.

Well, I need to take a nap while Madeline is sleeping!!!!!

The Hills