September 14, 2008

New House...

Well, we moved! It was very short notice and it all happened at once but it has been a huge blessing! Our associate pastor and his wife have been called to a church in Illinois. They had a prayer request one Sunday at church that they really needed to rent their home. Craig and I have been renting a precious home but it was beginning to feel really small. We were looking at homes and couldn't decide whether or not to buy or rent. Well, it all worked out and we have moved into their home. Of course, we did it on the same week that a major Hurricane was projected to hit the Texas coast. In the beginning, Hurricane Ike was supposed to hit south of Corpus Christi which would have put New Braunfels in the upper right side - the worse side. So, we prepared ourselves by buying bottled water, canned goods, and battery operated fans. We also moved the movers up a few days because we didn't want to be moving in the rain. Well, it worked out that Craig was out of town!!! So, my mom, Craig's business partner, PMI Movers, and myself moved our home! It was so much fun :) and the girls were great. In the middle of all of this - it was time for my ballet school to start so I welcomed 55 dancers over a three day period to ballet class. It has been quite an interesting week!
My sweet friend, Page, showed up at my new house to help me unpack boxes. Two friends from Houston evacuated to our home and have kept the girls entertained. Then, on Saturday, Page and her family showed up at our old home to help get all the "little" stuff boxed, loaded, moved, and unloaded. They were work horses! Then, my sweet friend, Shelly, showed up to organize my kitchen cabinets with Mom. They have done SOOOOO much and I am soooo grateful! We have been so blessed to be members of incredible churches in this town with incredible friends. We met so many wonderful people and had such a great support system at Oakwood. Then, we moved to RCV and were blessed with wonderful friendships. And, now we are at Christ Presbyterian and we continue to be blessed by awesome relationships! God is so good in providing people in our lives when we need them the most. We hope and pray that we are the type of people that can be a blessing to others.
Our neighborhood is awesome! Molly has already made friends with so many of the little girls. There are 24 kids on our block alone!!!! They have movie night every couple of weeks, cookouts, and lots of playing in the cul-de-sac. It is going to be so much fun. Someone in the neighborhood described it as 50's America! We are so excited!
Madeline is growing up so much. She turned 5 months this month and is almost 13 pounds. She is getting soooo big and her personality is coming out - its so cute to watch her.
Molly started Kindergarten this year too. She is really enjoying going to Ms. Inga's and is also excited about Homeschool.
I guess that is all for now. I will post photos later once I find my camera in one of these boxes!!!

Blessing to you all!
The Hills