July 18, 2013

Doctors and Surgeries and Hospitals - OH MY!

Now, if you didn't do that in your best Judy Garland voice - go back and read it again :)

Don't let the title of this scare you because its just part of life - right?  The Hills have been so fortunate to never meet their insurance deductible but this year - we just might do it!  I don't know if I should  celebrate or cry that three of the Hills will be doing their best to get this accomplished! Yay for the overachievers - it must be our newest obsession with CrossFit :)

Back in October 2012, I saw the doctor for my routine "woman" exam.  It was determined on that day, that not only do I have some "suspicious" spots in my breasts BUT I have these monsters growing inside of my uterus that they like to refer to as fibroids.  I was told during that exam that I may need to consider an ablation or partial hysterectomy.  I sort of just forgot about that discussion and went on my merry way.  I mean, who really wants to be put to sleep and have part of your body removed - hmmmm, not me.  Fast forward to now and I found myself back at the doctor with pain I was sick of and wondered if these little monsters had grown in such a short time.  It felt like they were sucking the life out of me!  Yep, looks like I'm feeding them all sorts of nutrients because an ultrasound wasn't even needed to prove their growth! So, they must come out and in fact, my uterus must join these monsters!  On August 8th, I will be having a partial hysterectomy.  I took it really hard at my appointment.  The waiting room was filled with chipper pregnant women (and a teenager) and I sat there with my hopes and dreams completely squashed of ever having a baby within my womb.  Now, you must be thinking, "Wait, I thought you were done with that anyway."  Yes, you are right but there is something about being told "Now that you've exhausted your efforts of having biological children and the fact that you are past the reproductive age, your best option is the partial hysterectomy."  I am done with that part of my life and I've come to terms that God chose to put me right where He wanted me and blessed me with children that came from another. But, its just the finality of it all. For those of you that have yearned for a baby in your womb, you get it!  But, I am not choosing to let this get the best of me - I am confident that "He who began a good work in me will carry it on until completion."  I trust in a Sovereign God that loves me more than I could imagine!

Now to the hard part - Molly.  My precious little Ukrainian came to us almost 9 years ago!  Its so hard to believe that it has been almost a decade and it seems like just yesterday we were walking through those doors at the San Antonio airport.  If you remember Molly when she came home, she was quite the "transparent" baby. She was so pale and I thought "I'll own stock in Coppertone!"  I must have kept 500 SPF on her for much of her early life.  Well, she had a cute little "beauty mark" appear on her jaw line a few years ago.  I've thought nothing of it until it recently became red around it.  During my dermatology exam a couple of weeks ago - I just nonchalantly mentioned it to my doctor.  She asked if I could bring Molly in the following week.  Sure.  Well, it was not what a mama wants to hear... "I'm going to have to refer you to All Children's Hospital in St. Pete. The area has irregular pigmentation and should be removed and biopsied."  My poor little Molly had tears as big as Texas well up in her eyes.  It took all I had to hold back my tears and keep my cool - for her sake!  She was completely silent but had tons of questions once we got into the car.  She asked if we could "go talk about it over a breakfast of pancakes."  Absolutely, baby!  So, on October 8th, we have an appointment with Dr. Michael Gallant.  I've googled him, because that's how I roll.  And, to my GREAT surprise, he appears to be an amazing doctor!  He has traveled all over (including Eastern Europe) to perform cleft palate surgeries on orphans and poverty-stricken children.  Some of the reviews call him "an angel" "a God-send" "a saint."  So, I am confident that God has us going to one of the best!  We wait and look forward to getting this little spot resolved and moving on with our lives.

Then, there is my loving hubby, Craig.  Poor guy - he must have been one tough kid growing up!  Apparently, his nose has been broken a few times and its just a mess.  The ENT that he recently saw won't even touch it (surgery-wise) and referred him to a Facial Plastic Surgeon.  I feel so sorry for him and have for many years.  He has chronic sinus infections and can barely breathe.  You can imagine his sleeping habits and I'm sure he doesn't get good sound sleep because of this nose structure.  The ENT and surgeon confirmed that the right side of his nose is completely closed!  Amazing that he hasn't had any other major issues!  God has protected him!  So, as soon as our insurance authorizes his surgery, he will go in for sinus surgery and reconstruction of a broken nose.  I am hoping and praying that this brings immediate relief to him.  He has struggled for so many years and its going to be awesome to see how his quality of life changes for the better!

So, with all that being said....you can imagine the whirlwind of emotions this mama has going through her head.  I am so blessed to have a mom and mom-in-law that will be here for my surgery!  My in-laws were scheduled to come anyway and Mama Hill is staying longer to help out.  My heart is full.  We also belong to an incredible church that has already started praying for us and is willing to help with anything we need.  I belong to a wonderful community of homeschool friends who have offered to take the girls for playdates and events.  I am well taken care of and I am overwhelmed at the love and support of so many.

God has us on this yellow brick road for one reason - to bring Him Glory.  I don't, for one minute, shake my fist at Him for all of this, but embrace it and consider it pure joy.  I pray that He would use this for His kingdom and not mine!  I pray that we would all remain calm and lean on Him during these challenging times.  He is in control and I may not know the future but I know Who holds it.

Please pray for our family.  Pray for the doctors and that God would guide their hands.  Pray for good results for Miss Molly and that He would calm her nerves.  Pray that Craig would get immediate relief and that his time away from work would be minimal.  Pray that my recovery is short and that I can start this school year off to a great start and free from monsters and pain!

Following HIS yellow brick road,