May 19, 2008

Adoption Day - May 19, 2008

Today was the most wonderful day! We got to the courthouse around 1 PM to meet Jana, our attorney. She instructed us as to what would happen in court and we were alittle nervous (okay, maybe it was just me)!

We were there to terminate rights of Madeline's biological parents and then to adopt her as well as change her name. We also made the decision to re-adopt Molly and give her a Texas birth certificate. This helps in the future if her Ukrainian birth certificate ever gets misplaced. Like that would EVER happen in the Hill house!?!

The judge was awesome! She asked Molly, Craig and I to raise our right hand and she swore us in. I felt so official or like I was on TV! She asked Molly if she really wanted to be a big sister and was she up to the responsibility. Molly quickly told her that she wanted to become a big sister today! The judge told her that because she came to court and asked to be a big sister, that she would grant this adoption! It was precious. She then asked us to come behind the bench for pictures. She showed Molly all her pins on her robe and told her she would call her in a couple of years to check on her. Then it was done!!! I could breathe!

I couldn't help but grieve for B today. I got to talk to her this morning. She and M (her boyfriend) were in a horrible car accident on Friday. She broke a couple of ribs and can't do much. Please pray for her!!!!! My heart still breaks for her. I am forever grateful to her for giving me this precious life to love and care for!!! She has helped fulfill a desire of mine since I was very young. May God bless her for a courageous and selfless act!!!!!

Happy Adoption Day Molly and Madeline!!!!!