May 31, 2008

Smiles, Coos and 8 pounds!!!!

Madeline is really growing! We weighed her this week and she has grown to be 8 pounds. I still think its all in her chins - yes, that is plural. She is still so tiny and people continue to make comments about her size. She is just precious!

This week was a milestone - she began to talk to us. Well, maybe not us but the ladybugs on her changing table cover. She loves them and always has lots to say to them when her diaper is being changed. Its so funny to hear her and we've tried to really capture it on video. It sounds like she is saying "hi." She also likes the monkey, bird, and frog on her swing's mobile - she could stare at them forever!

She has also started smiling at us and I've even heard her giggle a couple of times in her sleep. Its so stinkin cute!

Madeline loves Molly! She can be upset and Molly will start talking and she quiets down - its so precious. Molly is doing so much better as a big sister. I think in the beginning she thought she was being replaced but now she is pretty certain that she is staying.

Summer has officially begun at our house! With the temperatures in the high 90's, it almost feels like August! I can't believe its so hot, so soon. But, we are scheduled to go to the beach to see my dad in late June and can't wait!

Happy Summer!
The Hills