May 6, 2008

In the home stretch...

Well, its almost a over. The waiting has been so hard. We had to wait 30 days to file a petition to terminate paternity rights. Well, Thursday marks the end of the 30 days. It will take a couple of days for the court to get back to us on our filing. So, we are hoping to go to court next week.

I spoke with B's grandmother today. Apparently, R has been calling asking about "his daughter." Because he is in jail, he has to call collect so the grandmother has not been accepting the charges. So, we will wait and see what happens.

I am nervous but there is nothing I can do so why worry. I am so thankful that I believe in a Sovereign God. I know that He is in control. I may not feel it all the time but I can find comfort in knowing that He has my best at heart. I stared at this precious angel while I fed her a few minutes ago and I grieve just thinking I could lose her. I don't feel like we have anything to worry about but there is that little reservation! Again, we serve a BIG GOD and He is in control!!!!

Madeline is doing great. She is growing so much and changing so much, so fast. We are now officially in "newborn" clothing and diapers!!!! No more preemie stuff. I can't believe that she is 4 weeks today. It seems like yesterday that she was born. But, then again, it feels like she has been in our lives forever.

I love this child! I love her as if I gave birth to her. Everytime I hold her, I am so thankful to B for her gift to us. I miss B so much and pray that she is okay. I sent her a package the other day and she received it yesterday. Her grandmother said she was excited to receive it and even cried. Oh, my heart still breaks for her broken heart. I really love that girl!!!

Molly is doing well. She loves being a big sister. She is such a big helper and I am so thankful to have her in my life. You should really hear her play. She has quite the imagination and I love listening to her on a daily basis.

Well, I need to take a nap while Madeline is sleeping!!!!!

The Hills