March 23, 2008

Life on Antepardum Floor....

We received a call at 4:30 AM on March 20th from our birthmother's dear boyfriend. She was having 11 contractions an hour and in a lot of pain. He rushed her to the hospital and they immediately admitted her into Labor and Delivery. Of course, this will make our 3rd trip to the hospital in two weeks. However, this visit was different - she was there to stay. Her doctor was on call and checked her cervix - she was dialated to 4 cm! So, she wasn't going anywhere. They adminstered several different medications and finally found one to work. The contractions stopped and the cervix went down a little bit. The doctor said she will be there until the baby is born. Her original due date was April 28th but she may not make it until then.

She was moved the Antepardum floor where they have a lot of women who are high risk pregancies. Our little one is only 33 weeks but there are women there that are 24 and 27 weeks along. In fact, the 27 weeker delivered yesterday weighing in at 2 pounds 1 ounce. He'll be in NICU for a while. We also saw another little one coming in on LifeFlight in an incubator and headed straight to NICU. We are hoping and praying those little ones hang on and fight!

B was given hospital privileges, which means she can ride in the wheelchair 20 minutes a day twice a day. She is so excited! She also gets to wear her own clothes and not that gorgeous hospital gown. The food stinks though so I make frequent trips to the food court or Whataburger down the street. Life in Antepardum can be quite boring. The rooms are big but there is not a lot to do. We have many magazines, word games, cards and movies! You can only watch so much TV, which B does not do too often. We get frequent visits from friends and family!

The doctor are hoping that she atleast makes it to 34 weeks, which will be next Sunday but they are hoping even more that she makes it to 35 weeks! Two more weeks laying flat on your back - yeehaw!

Thanks everyone for the prayers! Its so exciting to think we could have a baby soon! We have not even prepared a room. And, I need a carseat to take this little one home in!

Please pray for me as I have a cough that will not go away! Its a constant tickle in my throat and I'm sure my husband is very close to throwing me to the curb. He is so tired of my cough but not as tired of it as I am!!!!!

Love and blessings,
Becca, Craig, Molly and Baby Girl Hill (name still to be decided)