March 29, 2008

4 weeks and 2 days...

It supposed to be 4 weeks and 2 days until the BIG DAY! But, I have this feeling it will be alot sooner than that! B is having a contraction about every 45 minutes and feeling some pressure in her belly. The baby is not moving as much and seems to be in position for delivery. So, we'll see!

I got to keep her son yesterday! We went to Chuck E Cheese, HEB Plus, Walmart, Ice Cream, and Jason's Deli. We had the best time and then it was time to take him home. When we got there, he didn't want me to leave. So, he got his diapers, pajamas, and a change of clothes and headed to New Braunfels with us. He spent the night and was sooooo much fun. He is so cute and followed me around saying, "Becca, what you doing?" He just turned 2 but his vocabulary is like that of a 3 year old. You can really tell that B talks to him normally and not like a baby. You can also tell that she spends a lot of time with him and has taught him alot. We took him home after lunch today and he started crying when we left. I wanted to take him home but he needed to spend time with Mommy. She loves him soooo much! And, he loves her.

We are on our way to the storage unit to get more baby items. We are going to wash all the clothes, put the crib and cradle up, bring in the changing table, and get the clothes put away. I got the diaper bag out of storage too and plan on packing that tonight, just in case! You never know when we will get a call from B telling us she is on the way to the hospital.

We do have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday so if everything is okay the next few days, we'll go to it. I wonder what is on the doctor's agenda if she is dialated more! We are still thinking she is further along but we'll see.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

I have a few prayer requests...
My friend, Jamie - her dad was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus.
My friend, Cherie - she has cancer and her lungs are not cooperating. Her oxygen level is at 80%!
My friend, Camille - she found out some devastating news about the little girl she hosted at Christmas from Ukraine.
My friends, Stephanee and Zach - they are adopting two girls from Ukraine that they hosted this past Christmas.
My friends, Laura and Brad - they are adopting from Ethiopia!!!

That's all for now!

Becca, Craig, Molly and Baby Girl Hill