March 27, 2008

Nothing new today....

I've received many phone calls and emails checking on B's progress. Nothing new as of today but that could change at any moment. I still feel like she is further along than the doctor's are saying based on her symptoms of early labor. The baby seems bigger and acts as if she is ready to make her grand entrance. We just hope and pray she is fully developed when she comes out into this big, big world. I'm sure God is growing her just perfectly!

I am getting so very excited! People ask me all the time if I am excited and of course I am!!!! I am nervous too but not that B will change her mind. I just want to make sure I have everything ready for her arrival. My dear friends, Camille and Laura, surprised me and told me they were giving me my infant car seat! I cried! That is so incredibly sweet and now I have something to take her home in when we leave the hospital. My dream of not having a car seat is over and done.

I was thinking of outfits to bring her home in and I remembered that I have the dress I came home in from 1971! I just need to find it. The cool thing is that we will be delivered at the same hospital so that makes its extra cool. B was delivered there so that is triple the blessing. Methodist is a great place to have babies - they really know what they are doing. We got a taste of that during our hospital stay this past weekend.

I have a couple of prayer requests regarding B and her boyfriend, M. M really needs a job. He is trying to make a fresh start and really wants something where he can do something he loves, that is working on cars. I sent him some jobs over email yesterday that I found in the SA paper. I really hope something happens for him. He loves B so much and wants to take care of her. He called me yesterday and was so excited that he just sold his rims and stereo equipment. He immediately put money in the bank and I was so proud of him. Please pray that he finds a job soon.

Also, please pray for B. I know that she is struggling with how hard this is going to be. She is so certain in her decision but it does not replace the pain that is associated with placing her baby with us. I just hope and pray that she is okay. I pray that the pain will be minimal (if that is even possible). I pray that the people in her life will be sensitive to her struggle and will be there for her unconditionally. I pray that she can move on and continue to be the best little Mommy to her son. She is incredible to him and loves him sooooo much. He is a great kid! And, did I mention that he loves me :)

I appreciate all the prayers and precious emails that I am receiving from all of you. We are so excited that we can hardly stand it! Still no name set in stone. We go back and forth with all of them. I'm sure when we see her precious face, we will know what her name is to be at that time.

I'll post with more updates. We have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday so we'll possibly know more from the doctor. She is 33 weeks and 5 days today. So, we are really in the home stretch!!!

Oh - one more tiny thing - if anyone knows of someone trying to find homes for a puppy, please let me know. B really wants a puppy and I think it would be good to help her let go. Thanks so much!

Blessings to you all!
Becca, Craig, Molly and Baby Girl Hill