October 6, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday in Ukraine...

We stayed in most of the day on Tuesday until Natalia’s husband picked us up to go buy a stroller. I was hesitant to bring one or even buy one until we carried Madeline through the streets of Ukraine. The backpack was great but she is just too heavy to carry on my back. In an effort to save my back and my sanity, we bought a stroller. She loves it! Next, we went to the SDA to pick up our referral letter. There were four other families there and one we actually met the day before at a café. It was interesting to see where everyone was from in the States and actually most of them had hosted the child or children they were there to adopt. It was really cool to see fellow Americans!

Last night, our driver took us to the region. It was a long two hour drive with a two year old. She acted as if someone had given her a bottle of straight caffeine. Once we got into the city, we stopped at the grocery and then on to our apartment. It’s a very modern apartment but it does not have internet access nor a television. So, its very quiet (with the exception of Molly and Madeline). They girls have had to get quite inventive in their playtime. The décor is so South Beach in here and its quite cozy. We have three beds, which makes it nice. We purchased a wireless interest USB stick so I think we are doing okay on internet. Its pretty slow which makes “waiting” your turn for the computer quite maddening!


We drove to the orphanage today for the first time. The inspector was walking as we pulled into the drive. Once inside, we were able to meet the director, as well as the orphanage attorney. Everyone was extremely nice! Then, in walked Leeza! She was shy at first but then warmed up to you immediately. I started crying my eyes out when I saw her, I have missed her more than I could have imagined. I don’t think she has grown much except for her hair! Then our sweet Tanya came in. Oh, how I could have just grabbed her but she is much more reserved. I hugged and hugged her and she did the same – it was nice to have her in my arms again! They were very excited to see us.

Once we talked to a few people and answering a few questions, they had the girls sign a consent that they did indeed want to be adopted by us. It was exciting to say the least! I can’t believe we are here and we are in the process again! It seems surreal

The girls were so excited to show us their friends. They took us all over the orphanage introducing us to many many children. It was exciting but so heartbreaking. I realized when I saw the hurt in the children’s eyes, that I have a calling and its to these children. I saw a girl that was hosted several times and has not yet been adopted by she and her two siblings. She began crying uncontrollably on my shoulder. I wanted to console her and I tried to the best of my ability. But, there is nothing I can do except advocate for her to find a family. It was heartbreaking!

In 2007, we hosted Oksana. She was nickname “Sluggo” because she was a bull in a china shop. She walked into the director’s office to see her and I came unglued! I couldn’t control my tears and my heart broke for her. What could she be thinking? Did she think I had forgotten her? We tried to adopt her but at that time, she wasn’t adoptable. It broke my heart more than you can imagine when I saw her today. Everytime I think of it, I get tears in my eyes. I am praying that she finds a family for she and her two brothers.

We left about 3 this afternoon to go to the notary for paperwork. Tomorrow, Oksana will travel to another region to obtain separation paperwork from an older sister that is almost 18. She has fled to Western Ukraine with her mother. There is no way to find out where she has fled to and to even ask if she wants to be adopted. I hope and pray that one day we could find her.

The next few days will be just a lot of waiting around. We should know in the best few days about our court date. I am hoping it will be around the 12th or 13th of October. Please pray its sooner versus later.

Thanks for all your prayers! They are greatly felt and appreciated!

Love to you all!

Craig, Becca, Molly, Madeline, Tanya and Leeza (and Gammy)