October 15, 2010


Stephanie Tatiana and Amy Elizabeth (Lizzie) Hill, the proud daughters of Craig and Becca Hill and sisters of Molly and Madeline Hill!!!!!  I will post more about these precious name choices later.

Today, the 15th day of October, 2010, the Government of Ukraine announced us the adoptive parents of these precious Ukrainian children.  Our hearts are overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving!  Court was amazing and it went so smooth - thanks for your prayers! The judge was quite comical and was very professional and light-hearted with the girls.  He explained to Stephanie (Tanya) that she must be a good girl and that when her parents (us) get old, she must take care of us.  He expressed the importance of her responsibility of being a good child.  Then he proceeded to talk to Lizzie and asked her if she was going to be good and if not, we would be forced to send her back.  He said it jokingly.  He also said that there were no good children in America and that it was Lizzie's responsibility to show Americans what "good" children act like!  It was too cute. 

Court lasted less than an hour and we went to our favorite restaurant to celebrate!  The girls finished lunch with a HUGE bowl of ice cream sundaes!!! 

We could never have done this without the love and support of our family and friends!  Having  my mom here has been such a blessing!  Our team of attorneys, facilitators, and drivers have been AMAZING!  Oksana was such a professional representative in all of our meetings and especially court!  She quadruple checks every document and is so personal with everyone she meets.  We are so blessed and honored to know her!  Natalia is our Kiev contact and is amazing at the SDA!  She has such an amazing presence and carries herself with such professionalism and poise.  We are BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE!

We are headed to Dnepropetrovsk this evening to visit Molly's orphanage, as well as sweet and dear friends we have met along the way in our adoptions.  We are excited for the next chapter in our book.
We will head back to this region at the end of next week at which time we will get new birth certificates and passports for our new Hill girls.  Craig will travel to the Carpathians Mountains on the 26th to get Stephanie's new passport and will return the 28th.  We will head to Kiev to complete the adoption process and hopefully be home by November 2nd or 3rd! 

We love each and every one of you!!!  Thanks again for your prayers and your encouragement.  We can't wait to be HOME WITH OUR FOUR GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Hills
Craig, Becca, Stephanie, Lizzie, Molly and Madeline