October 4, 2010

A "Hill" Deal...

If any of you know us well, you know that we can't do anything "easy."  We manage to find drama and if not, drama finds us :)

The SDA appointment went very well this morning.  We met Natalia in front of St. Michael's church this morning to head to the SDA.  It is freezing here this morning and we were frozen by the time she met us.  We took a brisk but cold walk to the building and were ushered in by our psychologist, Deanna.  She was precious!  We took Molly and Madeline in the meeting and they were both a hit.  They asked all about their adoptions and even asked why Madeline's birthmom gave her up for adoption.  Madeline proceeded to make "flirty" eyes with everyone and we got a lot of giggles from the women in the office.  Then, she opened my backpack and put on the darkest lipstick she could find.  It was hilarious. 

They showed us the files of the girls and they were quite old.  Both of the girls had really short hair and looked fairly young.  We found out that the girls' mom was deprived of her parental rights in 2006 and we also found out that Tanya was born in the Carpathian Mountains.  So, here comes the "not so easy" part of the story.  After we go to court, wait our 10 days and pick up the court decree - we get to travel to the far Western part of Ukraine!  Its an overnight train ride or a 10-12 hour car ride.  Natalia is going to call the birth certificate office in that region to see if only one parent can travel and I'll stay with the girls.  Never a dull moment!  So, we pick up our referral letter tomorrow between 4-5pm and then head to the region to see the girls!  We can't wait and are so excited!  If we can't see them tomorrow, we will see them on Wednesday for sure.

Its freezing here and we have limited clothes.  So, we are going to try to head to the mall and purchase larger coats, long johns, and sweaters!  The girls are soooo cold!

Thanks for all your prayers - we definitely feel them and they are working!  Pray for our sleep - we can't seem to sleep in this apartment and it makes our nights very long.

Blessings to you all!