October 14, 2010

My Last Night as a Mother of TWO!

It is kind of a strange feeling that I have tonight - my life, as I have known it, is about to change.  I was playing cards with Molly tonight and my little family of four (and Mom) were all gathered in our little room, when it occurred to me - this is my last night as a mom of two!  I looked at Craig and said "Hey, we are married, we have two kids and we are about to have four!"  We say things like that from time to time because there are days when we feel like we are still in our 20s!  Of course, there are days when I feel much older than my actual age. 

So, tomorrow is the big day - COURT!  Our girls will be picked up by our facilitator and brought to the court building.  It is there that they will go before the judge and give their consent and desire to be adopted by us.  They have told us for the last 10 months that they want us to adopt them but of course, anything can happen.  So, we covet your prayers for tomorrow (even though it might be pretty early for some of you).  We ask for favor with the judge, the prosecutors, the SDA, orphanage attorney, inspector and most importantly, our girls.  We ask for a smooth court hearing with no bumps along the way.  We ask for God's will to be done over our will - whatever that may look like!

As I sit here with Madeline laying beside me, I am overwhelmed with emotion.  I would never, in a million years, have envisioned my life with four beautiful daughters. I would have never thought that I would be so blessed to be part of God's Sovereign plan of adoption.  How could I be so blessed that God would, first of all, choose to adopt me and then allow me to be a vessel to adopt the fatherless?  Its amazing that God would choose me in the first place!  But, I am so thankful and humbled that He has worked through me to bring these precious four girls into my home by way of my heart!

I must sleep because its a busy day tomorrow!  Thanks for your prayers and your support - its amazing to see so many people united by this adoption! 

Love to you all,
From the soon-to-be MOMMY OF FOUR!!!!