October 8, 2010

Life in Ukraine...

We spent a fabulous day today at the mall and then off to see the girls.  I couldn't believe the mall!  It had a great ice skating rink, a good food court, and wonderful shops.  I was able to get a very nice winter coat for about $40.  I got the little girls warmer clothes and plan on returning with the bigger girls to pick up some much needed items (coats and shoes). 

Molly and I ice skated for a bit while Daddy and Madeline treated themselves to ice cream.  We were anxious to get to the orphanage but the older girls were in school and we had to wait. There is a lot of waiting around but we know in the end, it will be worth it :-)

Oksana called this morning to tell us the documents were ready in the next town and that she would take a taxi (about 60 miles one way) to pick it up.  She then dropped it off at the regional inspector's office so that she could write up her conclusion of the document.  We were waiting on a separation paper from another region.  I am not a huge advocate of separation but we have a very unusual circumstance.  The oldest sister of our girls is almost 18 and has a child.  There is no way to find her or let alone adopt her at this point.  She has fled to Western Ukraine with her mother and she has always been listed as a "runaway" with the State Department of Adoption.  So, we received that document today and were waiting on the inspector to write her report.  Oksana tried to see the judge today but guess what - they decided to take a "short day."  So, we shall wait until Monday to submit some documents to the judge and then Oksana will travel to Kiev to submit to the SDA.  Once the SDA reviews the documents, they will write up a "conclusion" of their opinion of this adoption and then court will be set.  We are hoping for next Wednesday or Thursday.

Seeing the girls was absolutely great today!  The weather was perfect and we sat outside for a couple of hours.  I was able to see and visit with children who I had previously met on hosting trips.  It was great to catch up!  I was also able to meet children I have only seen in photos.  Each of those photos have children with stories.  It broke my heart and there were many times I had to fight back tears.  Mom had to walk off on two different occasions in fear of breaking down.  We hosted a little 6 year old, Oksana, in 2007.  We applied to adopt her and found out she had five older brothers and was not even registered.  A few days later, we found out about Madeline and proceeded with the adoption of a newborn.  I have continued to keep up with Oksana and two of her brothers through a young girl that works at the orphanage on the weekends.  Its my understanding that she is being adopted by an Italian couple. I pray that it the case.  It was so hard to see her the first day not knowing if she knew we tried to adopt her and it just wasn't possible.  We got to play with her a lot today.  She and Molly had a blast with Leeza - the three of them played well together.  If its in God's will, I'd give anything to come back and get she and her older brothers, Viktor and Vanya.  I pray that they are being adopted and not left behind.

Tanya's best friend is Alina.  She is absolutely precious!  She speaks a little English and has been hosted to France.  She has such a sweet spirit and her relationship with Tanya is so genuine.  She has a younger sister and two younger brothers.  All are so cute and sweet!  There are so many!  So many faces, so many stories, so many hurts - its all hard to comprehend!  But, I do know that God knows the very number of hairs on each of these children's heads!  He cares more about them than I could ever imagine and I trust in His sovereignty!  I pray that the Church would step up to the plate and take control of what has been entrusted to them by God.  I pray that people would step out of their comfort zones into a world unknown to them but known to God and play a huge part in the life of a child that has no home.

We are excited to get to the orphanage tomorrow.  What a great way to spend my birthday!  I am hoping that they will allow us to take the girls ice skating and for pizza to celebrate!!!

Thanks for all your prayers! 
Much Love,
Becca and the rest of the gang...