September 15, 2010

The things that make you say hmmmmm.....

Okay, we woke up late around the Hill household today.  Craig had an allergy attack at 2:30 am and I slept with a mule (aka Madeline).  So, we didn't sleep much during normal sleeping hours so we caught up this morning.  It was nice to get up and drink coffee and chockey nilk (Madeline's words) with my family and watch a little television before we started our day.

I checked my email on my phone and was in complete shock when I received an email from PayPal.  A donation in the amount of $500 was given and to top it off, I didn't know the donor!  I immediately called my mom and she didn't know the name either.  I sent an email to the gentleman and thanked him for his amazing contribution.  In the meantime, Craig googled his email address and it took him to a blog (  and he's a WAR HERO! HE FIGHTS FOR MY FREEDOM!  I should be giving him $500!  He is currently serving our country and just happened to be on leave for a week to spend time with his family.  I won't disclose his name, out of respect for him, but I am amazed at what he has done for our freedom!  He immediately responded to my email that he wanted to send an additional $500 via a check!  I started crying and couldn't stop!  How in the world did I know this guy?  How did he know us?  Where had he read our story and why was he giving us $1000?  Then, he sent another reply "Oh, I am a friend of JD Steward's."  JD is a dear, precious friend to us.  He was a missionary to Guatemala and opened a women's shelter to provide a safe haven for many women in domestic violence situations.  He is an amazing man of God and we are blessed to call him our friend.  He and his precious girlfriend spent the entire weekend in May serving BBQ plates for our adoption fundraiser.  He has gone over and beyond his duty as our friend.  He tells our story and shares our website with everyone he knows and we are grateful!
Back to WAR HERO - please pray for him and his family.  He is currently serving our country.  He is constantly put in harm's way for our freedom.  Pray that he will return home safely for good and pray for his precious family that must be without him during his tour.

I sit here in awe and I am speechless!  Another donation came in from one of JD's friends.  A family that he met while in Guatemala.  They met two sisters while serving in an orphanage in Guatemalaand felt like they were "their daughters."  Guatemala has closed their adoptions.  They have had to leave their precious daughters behind and they long for the day when God will bring them home forever. Please lift up the Wagners up as well!  I can't imagine knowing that I have two daughters in another country and I can't do anything to bring them home.  Please pray that God would open the doors of adoption in that country and that children can be rescued and brought into homes - forever.

So, we have $2110 in our account - WOW - I can't believe the money that has been raised since Friday.  I am speechless!  We don't have far to go and we leave two weeks from tomorrow.  I can't even begin to express my gratitude!  I am humbled and amazed at each of you!

Blessings to you!
Becca, Craig, Molly, Madeline, Tanya and Leeza