September 14, 2010

So, they have fallen off their rocker.....

I have been completely amazed at the outpouring of love and support from each of you!  The encouraging emails, texts, voicemails, and comments are overwhelming! 

This has been a hard year for us.  There have been times I've thought, "What in the world are we doing adopting two girls?  God has really brought us to this point, we could never have gotten here on our own.  Financially, its been a hard year - who isn't experiencing some hard times in this economy?  I feel like Craig works so hard and is so gifted in his ability as a financial planner, and sometimes the rewards just aren't coming in as fast as I'd like :)  But, I know God is faithful and He will reward those that work hard but most importantly,those that work for the Lord.  Craig gives God all the glory for every good thing that comes our way.  He is such a great spiritual leader for our family and I am so blessed!

I know with the praise, comes the opposition. I know there are many people that are asking the same question that I've often asked myself, "What in the world are they doing adopting when they don't have the money?"  I'm sure there are some people that are, quite honestly, tired of the fundraising emails, the letters, the home-based business parties, and so on.  But, I made a promise to two little girls that don't have a Mommy that I would do WHATEVER it took to bring them home - forever!  If that means being a nuisance to others and practically begging for money (so I feel like at times) - I said I would do whatever.  So, I've had to swallow my pride (if you know me, I don't like to ask for help), bite the bullet, and ask for assistance.  Its been a hard pill to swallow but "pride comes before a fall" - right?  So, for those of you that think we have completely fallen off our rocker - I'm sorry. I don't apologize because I feel we are in the wrong but I do apologize because I'm a people pleaser :).  But, I'd rather apologize to you because I know you guys can take it rather than apologizing to two little orphans that spend their days in an orphanage without a family.  We are totally following God's lead and He has been the one that has opened the doors of this adoption.

When I set out on my journey called "life," I would have never in a million years planned to adopt older children.  But, God, in His providence, has led us down a different path.  Its Him who calls, its Him who equips, and its Him who provides.  He has been the one to soften the hearts of His people to financially and prayerfully support us.  So, I give Him all the glory!

We are $1800 away from our goal to bring our girls home.  I am forever grateful to those that have given and so appreciative of those that can't give money but can give of their time to pray for us!  That means so much and I feel your prayers!  We have been given a HUGE gift - a sweet, precious friend has agreed to buy our flights.  She wasn't prepared to purchase flights for Madeline so I am trying to fundraise for her ticket.  And, I am trusting that God will provide for that as well.

We have been diligently trying to save and fundraise for this adoption and its been exhausting at times.  But, I know that it will all be worth it when we bring those girls home - FOREVER!

So, thanks to ALL OF YOU!  We love you and can't imagine going through this without you!

Becca, Craig, Molly, Madeline, Tanya and Leeza