September 22, 2010

7 days and counting....

This morning was filled with checking email and the Ukraine Parliament website.  A bill was being presented to possibly halt adoptions in Ukraine.  The unfortunate thing about this bill is that it would be immediate and all those currently in the adoption process would not be allowed to adopt.  So, if it passed, this little family would stay "little" and we would not be able to adopt our girls.  I sent the email to Craig this morning stating that it was "up for vote" and he wrote back, "I don't know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future."  He was certainly right and there was nothing I could do about the situation.  So, I went on to bible study and of course, its on suffering and the Israelites in Egypt.  I was reminded today that its through our suffering, that we can really see the character of God.  He never leaves us, nor forsakes us and He always remembers His covenants and His promises to His children.  So, as I sat there in bible study, I received an email (yes, I was checking) and it stated that Parliament had decided to postpone the vote after receiving a letter from the SDA requesting the bill to be rewritten with different language!  So, with all that being said - we are still headed to Ukraine in 7 DAYS!!!!

The girls and I have been preparing our travel items this week.  We've made a couple of trips to various stores gearing up for our upcoming trip.  If any product comes in travel size, we have purchased it.  Molly has had a blast getting ready and she is chomping at the bit to back her suitcase.  She keeps going over and over (she must hear me doing the same thing) of what she is going to wear while in Ukraine.  Its so cute and she is so excited!  Madeline could really care less.  When I asked if she was ready to go get her sisters in Ukraine, she replied that she "wanted to go to the store and get a donut."  Priorities of a two year old.  Needless to say, we are all very excited and counting down the days until our departure!

Other exciting news was that our dear friends that have been in Ukraine for awhile were named parents of two precious little girls.  It has been quite the fight but God was victorious!  Olivia and Tamara are now part of a forever family!  Their blog is amazing ( if you get a chance to read it.

There are other families that are currently in Ukraine and waiting on travel to return home.  Please keep them in your prayers.  There are families here in the US waiting on travel dates to go to Ukraine!  Keep them in your prayers as well.  Its hard to wait!

Well, I need to get in bed.  Molly made her annual Pound Cake for the Comal County Fair.  She will enter it tomorrow morning, bright and early and pick up her ribbon on Thursday.  She is pretty certain (based on the taste of the batter) that she will get a Blue Ribbon.  Personally, she put just a tad too much vanilla :)  But, she had fun baking it and always has a great time at the Fair.

Oh, one more thing about Molly.  Today, out of the blue, she says "Mom, what's it like on your way to heaven?"  (like I know).  But, I said "Well, when you take your last breath on earth, your next breath will be in heaven.  There won't be anything to be worried about and there is nothing to be afraid of when you die.  You go from here to there in an instant."  She is terrified of any kind of amusement or waterpark ride.  So, she replies, "Going to heaven is going to be one ride I'm not afraid of."  I thought it was priceless!  I love being a Mom!

Blessings to you all!
The Hills