April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

It has been quite the week.  We have really looked forward to my Daddy and his wife coming to visit!  We cleaned the house, went grocery shopping and waited in anticipation (actually Molly started counting the days about 32 days ago!).  They would be traveling from Mississippi.  On Monday, I woke up with horrible neck pain.  Thinking that I slept wrong, I took some Motrin and went on my day.  Well, that night I had to pop a muscle relaxor and did so for the next three nights.  I must have taken a whole bottle of Motrin and those that know me well, know that I don't take medicine well AT ALL!  Craig knew I was hurting and on Thursday, it became worse.  You know how they ask you at the ER "On a scale from 1 to 10, what is your pain level?"  Well, I've never had to say "10" but I was VERY close to saying 15 on Thursday night!  My mom came over and helped me with the girls and took Molly to gymnastics!  I made a call to our doctor friend and he called me in a steroid.  With Good Friday the next day, he was apparently out of town.  Our other doctor friend came over and did some neck stretches on me which helped a little.  Great to have docs that still make house calls :)  Anyway, Daddy and Jodie showed up on Thursday night (very late) and we had a great day shopping and having dinner on the Riverwalk.  We spent some time on Saturday shopping in San Marcos and cooking out that evening.  It has been so much fun having them here! The pain in my neck subsided for a couple of days and I was so thankful!  However, it started hurting again today in church and so I am now getting a little concerned.  Maybe its stress (I seem to be under quite a bit of it lately:) )  but I think I'll get it checked out this week.  I would appreciate the prayers. 

Daddy and Jodie leave tomorrow and its sad to see them go.  We look forward to seeing them again in May when we travel to Mississippi for a wedding.  I do wish they lived closer to us - my girls absolutely love them.  We have had such a wonderful and blessed time this weekend. 

Here are some photos of the week and a couple of the girls "Egg Hunting."  They would not cooperate for Easter Morning photos so it was hard to get the two of them together in their matching Easter dresses. 

I pray that you are reminded each and every day (not just today) of the price that was paid for your adoption into the family of God.  Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for us.  May He receive all the glory and honor for your salvation.  Its nothing you have done or a choice you have made but its by grace you have been saved.  Praise His Name!

Happy Easter! The Hills