April 10, 2010

Two Years Ago....our lives changed forever!

I honestly can't believe that its been two years since we brought Madeline home from the hospital.  Where in the world did the time go?  I remember about a year ago, I was in the grocery store and a man could tell I was a little frustrated with the girls.  Madeline was in the basket screaming and Molly was hanging on the side begging for candy.  This man said "The days seem to go on for years and the years will seem like minutes."  That has stuck in my head and I am reminded that time really does fly by and especially the older I get!  UGH!

Two years ago, a young woman made the hardest and selfless decision of her life - she gave me her child.  I remember my stepmother saying to me when we announced our news to adopt "You mean a girl is going to just give you her baby?"  I could tell that it was foreign to some and that the idea that someone would "give" me their child was unimaginable.  But, she did and she did it with love.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  I had never in my life been through such an emotional day.  None of the  miscarriages I had ever had could compare to the feelings I felt that day.  I almost felt guilty for taking this child from her mother though she was voluntarily placing her child in my arms.  She stared at Madeline and held her for hours, talking to her, sobbing, and asking if I thought she would grow up to be angry at her.  She kept asking if Madeline would ever understand and know how much she truly loved her.  Oh, talk about RIPPING YOUR HEART OUT!  It was unbelievalbe.  She walked out of that room with a sadness that I can't imagine.  But, she also walked out with a glow.. she had just chosen life for this child!  She was certain and confident in her decision.  She gave us the greatest gift a person could ever give us.  There was nothing to compare to that day.  My heart still aches thinking of her and the pain she must have felt the day she left her baby with us.  I am forever grateful to her and Madeline will grow up knowing the sacrifice she made and the love she had for her.  Thank you, B!  I love you!

So, we embark on the Two's!  We actually started around 20 months.  The "cute" little fits are funny at times (just because she is so darn cute!) but they are getting out of hand.  Its hard to discipline a two year old so if anyone has any tips to share, please do! 

On Thursday (her actual birthday), we had plans to go camping.  At the last minutes, the plans changed, so we grilled steaks and Molly made Madeline a homemade strawberry birthday cake.  We had presents, cake and ice cream with our family - it was a sweet time.  She LOVED her cake!  Today, we are having her little friends over for a Sesame Street Birthday!  She is excited and we have transformed the backyard into a child's version of Sesame Street with Big Bird Fishing Adventure, Oscar the Grouch Trash Can Toss, and Pin the Nose on Elmo!  It should be a fun day and I'll post pictures after the party!

Blessings to you all!!!
Becca, Craig, Molly and Madeline