March 29, 2010

Praise God from who ALL blessings flow...

My heart has ached for Nahomie of Haiti for weeks. We went from being so excited about having her in our home to the news that she could possibly not be coming over on the humanitarian aid visa like the rest of the children. Our only option would be to apply for a student visa and then be responsible for getting her to and from school each day at a private school. Craig and I are just not set up to do that right now. My heart was broken. Who would take her? Who would care for her? Would she have to stay in Haiti? Would I ever be able to get over saying "no?" But, I sent one email to a dear friend that is adopting two girls from Nahomie's orphanage. She immediately got busy contacting her family in VA. Her dad is a professor at Liberty University and they are interested in sponsoring Nahomie on a student visa. My friend's older sister is in college and lives at home. She could take Nahomie to school and they could also keep one another company when their parents are traveling! WOW - God works fast! Why do I ever question Him???? So, please pray with me and with this family as they embark on the journey to rescue Nahomie from the devastated orphanage in Haiti. Pray that a school will allow her to come over on a I-20 visa and that her school would provide a scholarship. Pray that our government approves her visa and that she will be able to travel soon. I know that God has written her name in the palm of His hand. I know that He knows the plans for her, to give her a future and a hope that will not harm her. Glory be to God!