July 7, 2008

4 Years Ago Today!!!

It was 4 years ago today that we met Molly Rebecca Luba Hill for the first time. I will NEVER forget that day as long as I live! The fact that she jumped into my arms the minute she saw me still makes my heart leap! I can't believe that we have known her for four years because I can't ever imagine my life without her! She has been the light in our lives, the apple of our eyes, and what makes us wake up in the morning.
Thank you, Lord, for bringing Molly into our lives.
Below is a the journal entry from 4 years ago along with a photo that was taken that day!

July 7 and 8, 2004 - For some reason - it would not let me on yesterday. Of course not, on the day that we met Molly. This Internet Cafe is quite large with many computers. But, that seems to be the worse - it takes up so much that the systems are very slow. Anyway, we met Molly yesterday. She came right to me and clung on to me for dear life. She has blonde hair, brown/gray eyes, and weighs 19.8 pounds - however, we fed her alot today so she is probably close to 20 pounds. It looks like she wears 12-18 months clothing so she isn't as small as we thought she would be. Today, the 8th - she was pretty fussy. Looks like she is cutting 4 teeth!!! I will bring Tylenol tomorrow. She would have nothing to do with Craig today - but that's understandable - they don't see men - EVER. So, its alittle strange. Plus, she was fussy and tired today. That's okay though. She screamed when I gave her to her caretaker for her nap. Needless to say, I screamed too! It was terrible. I think I cry every minute! Craig told me I have to stop crying but I just can't!!!! Now I know what its like to leave a child in the nursery!!!! Its hard! We moved closer to her orphanage - a five minute walk. The caretakers let me feed her whatever I want so she got bananas, cookies, and juice for the first time. She walks, or should I say runs! She talks, eats by herself, drinks by herself - and is very independent. She's a doll and I love her very much! We are hoping to get her photo on here but its not allowing me to upload her picture for some reason. I better run but I will write more tomorrow. I love you all and the emails are such an encouragement! Becca, Craig and Molly

After the appointment!
Okay, it wasn't that bad! The appt was originally at noon but we were pushed until 2:30. The doctor/psychologist was very nice and very old! He was so nice to us and he even laughed alot. They have a parrot in there and he talks or chirps all the time. It was funny, and nothing like I had expected.
We looked through two binders of children until 3. We found two boys and three girls. The last girl was a miracle! She is perfectly healthy and she became available only yesterday! WOW = God is so good! We are leaving tomorrow after 4 PM to go to Dnipro - it was the region we did not want but I guess God has other things planned for us. The doctor said we are VERY fortunate to have found her. He pulled her picture from somewhere, it wasn't in the binder. He called the orphanage and they confirmed that she was an awesome child!
We will go and visit her on Wednesday. Her name is Lubov which is Love in English! She is 18 months old. I saw a picture of her and she is gorgeous! I knew she was mine! The boys I saw were great too. There is one boy in particular that I hope we get to see. Once we accept the girl, we can write a letter to the NAC and request another appointment to view the books again. At that time, we will try for a boy. We can request the same binder that we looked in today and I memorized the photos of the two boys!
Please pray that God will soften the heart of the judge in the Dnipro region. Apparently, she is very mean. Pray that the director will allow us to come back for a second appointment very soon.
Love to you all - we are going to watch the Olympic Torch!
Becca, Craig, Oxana, and Lubov!