May 7, 2013


There are times in your life when God just wakes you up in the middle of the night and wants to show you something!  If you ever find yourself wide awake, tossing and turning - remember, it might not be that Coke you drank at 3:00 that afternoon - it might be God!

I was in the bed with Madeline because she had a bad dream and needed her mommy close by.  I couldn't sleep and decided to go through my phone and clean up old texts.  As I went through my phone, I ran across a text I had received in January (its April at this point).  An old friend of mine had invited me to her blog and to be honest, I never went to it.  I'm not sure why but maybe I was just a little confused at a situation that had gone down about 5 years ago.  I lost touch with this friend after a pretty nasty divorce with her hubby.  I introduced them many moons ago and to be honest, I might have been a little bitter towards both of them.  I've been known to make things about ME!

Well, God woke me up and He caused me to go through my text and for good reason - His Glory!  I went to my friend's blog and found myself in tears an hour later.  My heart just broke for her, for her husband, for her kids - for all of those involved.  I knew I needed to reach out to her but I wasn't sure if she would be receptive - I had pretty much dropped her like a hot cake.  I never gave her the benefit of the doubt or asked her side of the story.  I did a lot of assuming and never knew that my friend's heart was breaking!  You can read her blog to understand the journey she has been on and where God is taking her in this thing called life!

The next morning after reading her blog, I feel inclined to text her.  Texting her would be pretty safe and I would know whether or not she was receptive if she responded.  My text was "Just wanted  you to know that I've kept up with your blog.  Beautiful writings.  I do love you!"  She immediately replied that she loved me and missed me and to top it off - she was only 102 miles from me with her family at Disney (we live 1220 miles away)!  I knew right then to load up the girls and head up to see her!  It was such a God moment and one that I am forever grateful for!  Our time was sweet and not even rushed - Disney and all!  It was a time of redemption, of hearing her story and of seeing God's work in her life!  I am forever blessed by that day and I am thankful that God woke me up that night!

I want to share her blog with you so that you can get a glimpse of the magnificent power of CHRIST and His majestic healing!  For it was not by her strength, but by His strength that she has been RECLAIMED!

RECLAIMED - click here!

Love you, Nan!!!

Be blessed,