May 21, 2012

Time flies when you are on an island....

Talk about being a slacker in the world of blogging!  My last post was April 2011 and there has been so much in our lives, that it would take a book, not a blog to document it all. 

We are still enjoying life in the Keys.  The weather has been amazing lately with the exception of an afternoon thunderstorm but we've enjoyed life outdoors.  We have met some amazing friends and attend a small church in the community.  We opted to choose a church here so that we could better connect with others.  It was hard traveling to the mainland every Sunday and stay connected with members.  We still consider that church family very special to our hearts and support their mission to reach the lost in South Florida.

We will be moving to a home on the water in August and can't wait to have a canal as our backyard.  We are thankful for good swimmers in our family and look forward to lots of time on the water.  We got a small boat that is perfect for us to take the girls fishing and Craig has really enjoyed spending lots of Daddy/Daughter time with his girls.  We look forward to being on our rooftop to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunsets, gaze at the amazing stars and look out over the vastness of the ocean! 

The girls are still homeschooling and we have connected with some amazing homeschool families.  I was shocked at the number of families who have chosen to pull their kids out of school and teach them at home.  We have so much fun meeting up with these families to explore the islands.  We have been to some amazing field trips at the Turtle Hospital, Dolphin Research Center and much more.  I look forward to building these relationships and fostering the friendships that God has blessed us with here in the Keys.

Our life has turned upside down a bit and we are trying to make sense of it.  In January of this year, after much prayer and seeking wise counsel, we chose to send Lizzie to a therapeutic home in Texas.  After many months and thousands of dollars in medical expenses, we could no longer provide for her emotional needs.  She was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder last year and in the best interest of her and our smaller children, we decided to remove her from our home.  It was, by far, the most difficult decision we've had to face as a married couple.  But, we know that God is Sovereign and that He has allowed this to happen for His glory.  We know that He loves Lizzie more than we could every imagine and that He has a perfect plan for her life.  We had to remove our own personal opinions about what to do and only seek Him and His direction for our lives and her life.  God led us to a wonderful organization that has been so supportive and helpful in the journey.  We know things will only get better for Lizzie and for our family as she seeks healing and restoration in Texas.  We trust that God knows what He is doing in her heart and we have to let go and let God do the work, not us.

We are in the process of change in our home.  We can't disclose too much but we covet your prayers.  We know and feel God working in the lives of our family and its an amazing feeling!  To be totally dependent on the Lord and seek Him first in all we do, is a great place to be!  I've been doing a bible study on my own called "Experiencing God" and I am in awe at what God is teaching me.  Its so wonderful to be drawn to Him by His own choosing and to know that He has initiated a love relationship with me - little ole' me!  Its humbling to say the least and I look forward to where He is leading us in the next chapter of our lives. 

I hope to start writing more about our lives in the Keys and hopefully spend a lot less time on social media (FB).  I hope that this will be a way to keep in contact with family and friends because quite frankly, I can get sucked into FB within a matter of minutes :-)

I look forward to more writing and sprucing up the blog but I may need some pointers from some of you out there!!!  I still haven't figured all the ins and outs of the Blog World! 

Thanks for stopping by!