April 11, 2009

Madeline is One...We are getting a dog...and Mom has a pacemaker!

It has been quite a month! I can't believe our sweet baby girl, Madeline, is a year old! Where in the world did the time go? It just seems like yesterday I was holding that 5 pound baby in my arms for the first time. I remember that day like it was just yesterday. The pure joy I felt when I looked over and saw Craig holding her for the first time still brings tears to my eyes. I was so excited that he got to hold her first and the look on his face was priceless. Though we approached her birth and adoption with caution, we knew the minute that we saw her - she was our daughter. She will always have a "Life Mommy!" We are forever grateful to her Life Mommy for the choice she made to give her life. We are blessed to know "B" and she will be in our lives and our hearts forever.

Madeline had her "First Fiesta" birthday party on the 4th. Mommy ran a 5K and then came home to make enchiladas. They thought it was important to appreciate Madeline's heritage by making it a fun, festive, Fiesta. We had a sombrero cake for the big kids and Madeline had her own "Chili Pepper." My sweet friend, Jamie Rutledge, did a fantastic job at both cakes! They were soooo yummy! If anyone ever needs a cake, let me know - she is the best! We had a jalapeno pinata filled with candy and cascarones to top off the evening. The bigger kids (aka Mommies and Daddies) had margaritas :) I needed it because I was having a really hard time coming to terms that my baby girl was ONE! Is it okay to cry on your daughter's birthday?

Before her birthday, we were blessed to go spend time in Ingram, Texas with our sweet friends, the Barrs. They invited us (oh wait, we invited ourselves) to their cabin in the woods. We had a fabulous time! The kids played so hard and even swam in the frigid cold pool! It was so relaxing and much needed. During our time there, I got a call that my mom had been rushed to the ER by ambulance! Her heart rate was around 32 and her blood pressure was low. She could not walk and was extremely weak. Craig, Madeline, and I rushed back to New Braunfels and Molly stayed with her friends. Once we got to the hospital, Mom was looking better but her heartrate was still dangerously low. After a series of tests, they determined she would need a pacemaker. So, a couple of days later, the cardiologist put in her pacemaker and now Mom is feeling a ton better! She will have more energy and I think she is better set for old age :) A friend of mine told me that she was "pre-wired for old age." That made her laugh!!! Anyway, she is doing so well and we have been showered with tons of support from family and friends to make things so wonderful!

Molly is doing fantastic! She turned 6 in January and is growing up so fast! She is our little gymnast and recently was evaluated at a new gym. They told us that she was "very" good and had lots of potential. Must be her Ukrainian blood :) She is a strong Level 2 but almost at Level 3. She may start at the new gym in May or June. We love her current coach and it will be a hard transition. But, she needs to be somewhere that works with her potential alittle more. Several of her friends have already switched to the new gym and are doing fantastic!

Craig is still plugging away at his firm. He wanted to sell his practice and was approached by a large firm in San Antonio. They are talking now about merging and forming a strategic alliance. So, it should be interesting. We are just praying and wanting to do what God wants for his business. He loves his clients and wants more time to develop those relationships.

G.R.A.C.E. Adoption Ministry is doing awesome! We have really been creating awareness of the 143 million orphans worldwide. We have a family that just returned last month from Ukraine with their precious daughter. And, we have another family that is returning tomorrow to pick up their little girl in Ukraine! We have a family waiting to travel soon and we have about 12 Ukrainian orphans scheduled to hit US soil for a hosting trip this summer. God is moving in the hearts of His people and its so cool to be a part of it.

Ballet is wonderful! I have two incredible teachers that help me with two days a week. God continues to bless me through Corum Deo Dance Academy - He is so good and we dance for Him and His Glory!

So, Craig was moved by his 6 year old daughter and we will be welcoming a new puppy into our home in mid-May. His name is Chaco and he is a chocolate Labradoodle. Craig is having a hard time with the name of the breed but is excited that its a BOY. Poor guy, he is so outnumbered!

I guess that is our update. Sorry that I have been a terrible blogger!!!!

Blessings to you all and HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!