February 20, 2009

One Year Ago Today...

It was rainy and cold day one year ago today as Molly and I loaded up the car and headed to San Antonio. We were on our way to the unexpected. We were on our way to an appointment that could change us forever. We were on our way to meet Briana. As we sat in the kid's part of McDonald's, my heart was beating fast. What would our meeting be like? Would she even want to consider me? Was I just here to give her information about adoption? What exactly was I on my way to do? Did I have my thoughts straight? How could I be objective and just give her the facts about adoption without getting emotionally involved? So, I waited. Then, they came through the door. I noticed her gorgeous blue eyes and then looked down at her belly, she was tiny. How could she be 6 months pregnant? She looked fantastic in her little tiny jeans. She stood there with her son and boyfriend. Her son's hair caught my attention, those precious blonde curls and those big blue eyes! He was absolutely adorable. And, her boyfriend was so attentive to her and to her needs. It was amazing to watch him wait on her hand and foot. She was so blessed to have these two precious men in her lives. Why in the world is she placing her child up for adoption, she was being taken care of so well. But, she told her story and it was so sad. She was a product of her environment. She had grown up in a home that didn't have the best of circumstances. She had done so well being a Mommy to her son but there was no way she could do it. I sympathized with her and wanted to take away her pain right then.
As I sat across the table from her, it became apparent that I was there to give my story. I told her about us, our struggles, and our adoption of Molly. I showed her our adoption scrapbook of our time in Ukraine. I was very open and honest about our family and the rollercoaster ride we had gone on in adoption. She seemed to sympathize with me too. She looked through the scrapbook and smiles came across her face as she turned the pages. After she was finished, she pulled sonogram pictures from her pocket and handed them to me and said "These are yours." I can still remember that I was numb. I took the photos but I bit of guilt came across me that I was taking something away from this precious girl. A relationship formed that day.
For the next 6 weeks, our lives changed. I remember getting in the car that day at McDonald's and not being able to speak. I think Molly must have asked me a million times if she was going to let us adopt her baby but I couldn't answer - I just sat there. I remember calling Craig and telling him that we were going to have a baby. I could barely drive back home that day but I made it. I called all my close friends and family and everyone began praying. I guarded my heart but was so excited I could have jumped out of my skin that day!
So, as I look back on this past year, I have tears rolling down my face as I remember the day I met the girl who would change our life forever. I will forever be grateful to the self sacrifice she made that we may have our arms and hearts filled with a precious baby. Thank you, Briana, I love you and will forever!