April 7, 2008

Uncle Bubba...

On Friday, April 4th, my great uncle passed away and went to be with the Lord. Mom was on her way up to Virginia when he died so she did not get there before he passed. She was devastated and still is. She is up there helping them and planning his funeral. I am so glad that she is up there with my Aunt Polly.

When we adopted from Ukraine, Uncle Bubba wrote us almost everyday. He was so in tune with the adoption and prayed fervently for us the entire time while we were there. When we got home, he had printed out all of our journal entries and photos and bound them for us. It was the sweetest gift! He was so dear to our lives!

You can read his obituary at http://www.henryfuneralhome.net/index.cfm

Here is a photo of him. I am glad that he is dancing on the streets of gold with his brothers and sisters!!!!!!