April 7, 2008

3 more weeks!!!!

Oh the waiting is so hard! But, I know that God has perfect timing and that precious little girl will make her appearance when its time.

We go to the doctor with B tomorrow at 2:30 and we'll know if she has dialated any more than the 4 cm at the hospital during Easter. I am guessing that she has dialated even more based on some of her symptoms but we'll wait and see.

I will be posting an update tomorrow. I do have the baby's bag packed and the infant carrier in the car just in case the doctor sends us to the hospital tomorrow. You just never know. :)

I'll update tomorrow.

Becca, Craig, Molly and Baby Sister to be!!!! (we are leaning towards JennyLynn Grace Hill but we are not set on it - we have to wait and see her!!!)