November 29, 2012


I have written many times on different social media sites as to why we homeschool.  There are numerous reasons and I can certainly address those in a later post.  We love homeschool - that's sums it up in three words!

When we started our journey 4 years ago, I opted to purchase a very large curriculum for A LOT of money.  I was overwhelmed and at times threatened to put Molly on the next yellow school bus that drove by the house!  After her Auditory Processing Disorder diagnosis, we were told about a wonderful online curriculum - TIME4LEARNING!  The minute we signed up, Molly fell in love!  She loves the idea of working and doing school online - it makes her seem pretty big!  We used it for over a year and then took a break from it and went with another curriculum based on our growing family dynamic.  When we adopted two older kids, we chose to use a workbook/history based curriculum so that the three of them could learn together.  Molly really missed Time4Learning and asked all the time "When can I go back to my online school?"  After changes (once again) in our family earlier this year and the stress our family was under, we chose to enroll her into T4L and she was thrilled!

Everyday and numerous times during her school day, she will come up to me excited about something she is learning online.  It has really encouraged her to research further and to map out what she is learning in her notebook.  She is joyful and eager to get online each day to see what she will be learning!  This excites me to say the least and I credit T4L for helping to create that passion in her.

I highly recommend Time4Learning to be used as a homeschool curriculum.  Its easy to use, very user friendly, good curriculum and the best for our family.  There is no need to supplement and they provide spelling words and recommended reading list - perfect!

So, there ya go - that's what we do :)  I'm excited about Madeline signing up for Time4Learning next year!


As a member of Time4Learning, I have been asked to review their online education program and share my experiences. While I was compensated, this review was not written or edited by Time4Learning and my opinion is entirely my own. Write your own curriculum review or learn how to use their curriculum for homeschool, after school study or summer learning.