January 29, 2009

Christmas, Birthday, Loose Tooth and Key West....

Wow, its been quite the two months! Molly turned 6 years old on January 12th! She chose to have a small tea party with a few close girlfriends - it was quite the change from our normal "HUGE, INVITE THE ENTIRE TOWN" parties. Molly has quite the heart and never wants to leave anyone out. So, it was so hard to have her keep her guest list to a minimum. But, I was proud of her even though she has stressed over those that were not able to attend. We had a "Fancy Nancy" party and my friend, Jamie, made the most adorable cake (picture below). It was AMAZING! The girls dressed in their fanciest dresses and we had so many activities for the girls to do that went with the "Fancy Nancy" theme. It was so much fun and Gammy and I even got fancy!
Madeline turned 9 months in January! UNBELIEVABLE! She gets prettier and prettier everyday. She was pretty when she came out and I can't believe how much she has grown. People literally stop us in the store to stare at her! I think she looks more and more like her "lifemom" B. She sits up and goes on all fours but REFUSES to crawl. She loves to hang on our fingers, pull herself up, and then walk with us holding her hands. Its so funny and I think she just might skip crawling all together. Molly did and she is just fine. Madeline still has two teeth. But, I am thinking she is on the brink of a couple of more. Just waiting!
Speaking of teeth, Molly has her first loose tooth. Its been loose for 29 days and counting. Tonight it started bleeding so I think its about to fall out. She is really nervous and I think she thinks she will swallow it in her sleep. We just can't wait for it to fall out so the Tooth Fairy can visit and be done!
Ballet started back the middle of January. After an amazing Christmas performance, I gave the girls and myself a break! During the break, I was seeking treatment for my hip. I have dealt with hip pain for 8 years and have been to many doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, etc. Nothing seems to be helping but I found a chiropractor that is actually helping for the first time. Its been quite the journey but he advised me to find an alternative to teaching dance. Either I could close the studio and let 60 little girls down or hire teachers. After much prayer, I found the PERFECT teachers! I am so blessed to have Brittany and Elizabeth Docter as my new ballet teachers. They are a huge blessing to my studio and the girls love them! I am keeping teaching to a minimum right now while I am seekig treatment and hope to be back in full force soon. I love teaching and I miss all my little ballerinas but the teachers are taking such good care of them.
The adoption ministry is in full swing! I met with the elders of our church in late December to get the ministry approved to be under the authority of the church. We have not been officially approved but I think its in the works! We just got our Certificate of Formation from the Secretary of State and now we are working on our 501c3. I hear its ALOT of work but I am willing to do whatever it takes to bring awareness of the 143 million orphans in the world!!!
For Christmas, we stayed in New Braunfels. It was pretty low key but Mom joined us along with Craig's parents. It was nice to be quiet and be traveling all over the place. We did board a flight on New Year's Eve headed for Key West! We couldn't wait to get there and see our new addition to the Robinson Family - Sydney Claire! She is absolutely adorable! She loved her Aunt Becca and I loved her too. I got to get in some great snuggling time!!! They are actually in San Antonio for the weekend and we get to see them on Saturday! Can't wait!
Well, I think that is all for now!
Pray for the Bredesens - they just got their referral for a 12 month old little boy in Ethiopia! So exciting! I am praying that they travel soon - hopefully in the next couple of months.
Hope all of you are doing well - let me hear from you!!!